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What if my credit is not fixed, do you offer a warranty?

Our service is backed by a warranty which entitles you to 100%. I simply don't believe in paying for an ineffective service.

Credit Repair can remove collections, late payments, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, medical bills, student loans, repossessions, charge offs or anything else on your credit report.

Details: No guarantee on the credit rating number, because credit rating numbers vary from person to person.

If one discovers inaccuracies on their credit report responsibility lies with the individual to begin the corrections process. Letters must be written explaining exactly what the problem is and the remedy they feel warranted. Especially when dealing with inaccuracies individuals must remember that each credit reporting agency maintains its own database of information. Therefore one agency might report an item properly while others report it improperly and vise versa. Furthermore, if a common inaccuracy exists with multiple reporting agencies the repair process must take place with each agency reporting the item inaccurately individually.

In many cases this means to remove an item that has made its way onto each bureaus agency report, an individual must write three sets of letters and follow the process through with all three different agencies in order to be sure an item comes off from the reports. Once notified of a problem an agency will contact the creditor or reporter of the item in question and seek a response regarding the accuracy of the item. Under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act if the agencies do not receive a reasonable proper response within 30 days they are obligated to follow your directives on proper treatment of the item. Should a proper response be received the bureau may well request more information on why you believe your position be the correct one. Many people advocate dealing with only one item per correspondence. To extend this out given earlier facts that each item must be dealt with individually with each agency, a hypothetical result for someone with ten erroneous items could mean initiating 30 sets of correspondence to correct the problem. Once you find you have completed this task follow up once again or check the report again. Just because a letter has been written and a creditor has not responded within a given time frame does not mean that the agency will remove the report without further follow up and an additional correspondence. On the other hand keep in mind changes may take a month or more to appear on a report. While the process for proper credit reporting is in place, assuring accuracy of your own credit report rests with you.

Improving ones credit score is one of the few areas of life where doing nothing can be tremendously productive. Once the items causing negative impact on the credit report have ended, the simple passing of time does wonders for one's credit score. While the advantage of improving your score with the passing of time comes in the form of non-existent effort, the disadvantage comes in that time must take its own course. Even those with the best of credit cannot buy more time or speed the passing of time. Generally the date used to trigger the passing of time in this context starts with the date of the last activity of the account. Interpretation and misuse of this rule accounts for many reporting errors. For example if a person last made a payment on a charge card in 1995 and in 1999 a new entity buys the account and begins to report it the new entity the credit reporting bureaus may treat the initial reporting as the date of the new entity. But in reality the date of the last activity of the debtor's point of view came in 1995 with the last payment. "Last activity" for purposes of credit reporting means the debtor's last activity, otherwise by re-selling accounts or re-generating some new phantom activity the creditors reporting can be extended in perpetuity. To maintain the accuracy of records that should be dropped from account through passage of time, usually seven years as I referred to earlier, individuals should know the exact date of the last activity and have records for proof.


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